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Yad Vashem And These are Their Names... Identifying the Death March Victims Buried in a Mass Grave in Poland

Jakob Grostkowski

Auschwitz no. 144260

Jews gathered for deportation; near the train station in Bochnia, Poland, September 1942. A group photograph at a wedding in the Bochnia Ghetto, Poland, 1942. The bodies of Jews who have been hung from an electricity pylon in Bochnia. The photograph is taken from an album belonging to a soldier from a Luftwaffe Building Brigade stationed in Poland, 1939 – 1940.

On the 31st of August 1943, a Jewish prisoner named Jakob Grostkowski was deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau on a transport from Bochnia Ghetto and labor camp. On arrival he passed the selection, received the number 144260 and became an inmate of the camp.

The Transport
On the 31st of August 1943 about 3000 Jews – men, women and children – were deported on an RSHA transport from the ghetto and labor camp in Bochnia to Auschwitz-Birkenau. Following the selection 280 men received the numbers 144183 – 144462 and 795 women received the numbers 57033 – 57827 and became inmates of the camp. The rest, about 2000 people, were murdered in the gas chambers in Birkenau immediately upon arrival.

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