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Yad Vashem A Jewish Community in the Carpathian Mountains- The Story of Munkács

Their Legacies Remain...

Series of Photographs of the Mandel Family of Munkács, Before the War

  • Shmuel-Zvi (Sandor) Mandel, born in 1930, in Munkács, 1943
  • Becalel- Tavji Erno Mandel (born on 21 February 1933) in Munkács, 1944
  • Ester-Malkeh (Vera) Mandel in Munkács, 1944. Ester was born on 9 February 1938, the only daughter with five brothers.
  • The Mandel family children in the yard of their home in Munkács in 1943, wearing their Sabbath clothes. Top row, left to right: Shmuel-Zvi (Sandor), David (Tibor), Yaacov-Moshe (Yeno Gino). Bottom row, left to right: Ester-Malkeh (Vera), Yehudah (Lajos) and Becalel Erno.
  • David (Tibor) Mandel (right), his brother Yaacov-Moshe (Yino Gino) and their sister Ester-Malkeh (Vera)
  • The Mandel family in Munkács on 3 December 1939. Left to right: Shmuel-Zvi (Sandor), David (Tibor), Zisel (Zsemka) the mother, Ester Malkeh (Vera), Yaacov-Moshe (Yeno Gino), Becalel Erno, Yitzhak Izso the father, Yehudah-Arjeh (Lajos). Most of the family was murdered at Auschwitz.

Eight members of the Mandel family were sent to Auschwitz in May 1944. The parents, Yitzcak and Zisel and their six children: Yaacov-Moshe, David, Shmuel-Zvi, Becalel, Yehudah-Aryeh and Malkeh. Three of the children survived.

The mother, Zisel (Zsemka), her children, Shmuel-Zvi (Sandor), Becalel-Tavji Erno, Yehudah-Arjeh (Lajos) and her daughter Ester-Malkeh (Vera) were murdered at Auschwitz.

The only survivors from the Mandel family were the father Yitzcak (Izso) and his two sons, Yaacov-Moshe and David (Tibor).

Yad Vashem Photo Archives 9060

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