Prewar Photographs of the Mandel Family of Munkács

Eight members of the Mandel family were sent to Auschwitz in May 1944. The parents, Yitzcak and Zisel and their six children: Yaacov-Moshe, David, Shmuel-Zvi, Becalel, Yehudah-Aryeh and Malkeh. Only three survived.

The mother, Zisel (Zsemka), her children, Shmuel-Zvi (Sandor), Becalel-Tavji Erno, Yehudah-Arjeh (Lajos) and her daughter Ester-Malkeh (Vera) were murdered at Auschwitz.

The only survivors from the Mandel family were the father Yitzcak (Izso) and his two sons, Yaacov-Moshe and David (Tibor).

Yad Vashem Photo Archives 9060