Adolf Eichmann -
SS Obersturmbannführer

Adolf Eichmann Adolf Eichmann: "I was not merely following orders. If so, I would have been plainly stupid. I contemplated and thought about the nature of the orders I received. I was an idealist."
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Operation Eichmann

Operation Eichmann Isser Harel: "This is a national mission of the first degree…you are guardian angels of justice, the emissaries of the Jewish people."
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Eichmann's Trial
in Jerusalem

Eichmann's Trial in Jerusalem Haim Gouri: "The documents keep multiplying. Until now we have close to 600 documents. What do these documents do at night in the boxes, in the closets, amidst the four walls? The documents do not remain silent. When one listens to their voices, one can hear their hoarse scream."
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Shaping an Awareness of the Holocaust

Shaping an Awareness of the Holocaust Zvi Gil: "...Then, and only then, Israel and the entire world began to grasp the essence of the Shoah."
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