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More often than not rescuers and rescued came from completely different backgrounds and had very little in common with each other. However the rescuers decision to accept full responsibility for the survival of Jewish outcasts as well as the total dependence of the rescued Jews on their benefactor combined with the stressful circumstances of living clandestinely, created strong bonds between the Righteous Among the Nations and the persons they saved. The memory of rescue – the noblest expression of sacrifice and solidarity as well as the terrible suffering it often entailed – continues to affect the families of both rescuers and rescued.

  • Rescuer, Franciszka Sasin from Poland, with rescued Adam Kapitanczyk
  • Rescuer, Varvara Kosokovskaya, and Rescued Zinaida Elkind (Krasner), 1968, Belarus
  • Rescuer, Genowefa Majcher from Poland, with rescued Michael Rozenshein, summer of 1947
  • The Righteous Among the Nations Maria Helena Friedlander (Bruhn) with her husband Henry Friedlander, whom she'll rescue during the war, at their house at Wassenaar, The Netherlands
  • Survivor Michael Stolowicki with his rescuer Gertruda Babilinska
  • On the top, from left to right – rescued Chaim Izraelit, rescuer Anna Matusiewich, rescuer  Jan Matusiewich; below – rescuer Jadwiga Matusiewich and rescued Yakov Izraelit, August 1945, Latvia
  • From right to left: rescuer Maria Krivokobylskaya, rescued Naum Zatulovskiy and rescuer Melanya Ivinskaya. 1946,Ukraine
  • France, Sister Denise Bergon, Courtesy: Memorial de la Shoah, 1807
  • Rescuer, Viktorija Krulickiene, and rescued Yocheved Yacha Siniuk (Burko), 1942, Lithuania
  • Rescuer, Aleksandra Karnauchova (right), with the rescued Dora Morskaya, 1993
  • Rescuer, Praskovia Kiriliuk (right), with rescued Grigory Dykler, 1955
  • From left to right: Rescuer Zofia Niewiedzka, the rescued Ester Starzewska, Zofia's daughter Zofia and Zofia's sister, 1943
  • Rescuers Hendrik & Geertje Torsius with the Schelvis family they hid in their farm in Nijkerk, Netherlands, 1945
  • Rescuers Georg Celmraugs, his wife Anna and rescued Marina Hoff, 1950, Riga
  • Rescuer,  Helene Holzmann, with her daughter and rescued Fruma Vitkin
  • Rescuer, Milena Herbenova (Czech Republic), with rescued Eva Beerova
  • Rescuer, Antonia Muron (France), with rescued Daniel and Muriel Gameroff, 1947
  • Rescued Dan Dagan (Haberkorn) sitting on the sheep, with the rescuers' children, in front of the rescuers Brandt family farm, 1944
  • Rescuer, Martin Uher (Slovakia) with rescued Elizabet Fleischer, his wife
  • Rescuer, Cornelia Lasthuijzen (The Netherlands), rescued Gerard Sanders with his father, 1944
  • Rescuer, Marie Rensenbrink, with rescued Sarah Levin during the war
  • Rescuers, The Arnoldy family (Belgium) with their children and rescued Maurice Sztum, 1943
  • From left – Rescuer Berthe Bousson, Nacha and Hillel Rutkowski, Rescuer Francois Bousson with Jacques Rutkowski
  • Rescuer Maria Yevdokimova (Belarus) and rescued Fyodor Revzin, 1969
  • Rescuer Johanna Kuiper (The Netherlands) with the rescued Ennie Kater, 1948
  • From left to right: rescued Frida Mogilevskaya with her rescuer, Nadezhda Zaustinskaya (Belarus)
  • Rescuer Tatyana Minkovskaya (Ukraine) and rescued Nelli Zaslavskaya
  • Rescuer Jacob De Vries (The Netherlands) with his son Henk (right) and rescued Louise Pinto (left)
  • Rescued Alexander Groenteman with the daughter of Klaas and Hendrika van der Knoop's, the rescuers
  • Rescuer Zofia Bania (Poland) with the rescued Israel Rubinek
  • Rescuer Madeleine Lucas (France) with survivors Roland (left) and Albert (right) Glowinski
  • Rescuer Genovaitė Pukaitė (Lithuania) and rescued Katia Rozen (Segalson) planting the tree in Yad Vashem, 1991
  • Rescuers Cecilija Jurin and Marija Pirovic (Croatia) with the rescued Avraham Albahari, Split, 1988
  • Rescuer Draga Schmidlehner (Croatia) with rescued Dan Shelef (Flesch). 1989
  • Rescuer Jan Klein (The Netherlands) and rescued Rosa Vos-Rijksman. 1985
  • Hanna Sara Rigler with the former British POWs who had rescued her, Yad Vashem, March 1988
  • Survivor Maurice Leon with Righteous Among the Nations Magdalini Mitzeliotis (Greece), 1998
  • Survivor Silvana di Porto with rescuers Bruno and Giacomina Bartalucci (Italia), March 2002
  • Reunion between rescuer Janina Poziniak and rescued Esther Ramiel. Iwje, Belarus, 2008