From Hope to Despair - The Story of the Horonczyk Family

Chaja-Dwojra Horonczyk

Chaja-Dwojra Horonczyk was born in 1907 in Węglowice, Poland, a third daughter to Rywka-Fraidla Horonczyk neé Heller and Shimon Horonczyk. In 1926, after Rywka's death, the family moved to France. In Paris, Chaja-Dwojra married Froïm-Ephraim Korman and gave birth to their only daughter Fanny.

During the Occupation Chaja-Dwojra sent her daughter Fanny to the “Unoccupied Zone” of Vichy France where she was hidden until the end of the war. Chaja-Dwojra hid in Paris and survived. Her husband Froïm-Ephraim Korman was deported to Beaune-la-Rolande and from there, in June 1942, to Auschwitz where he was murdered.