Survivor Testimony: A Wedding in the Ghetto

I was 18 years old. At that age, every girl dreams of a pure white wedding dress and veil, of a joyous atmosphere, of glorious, happy and picturesque surroundings. But I was dressed in a brown dress and our wedding guests were just our immediate family and a few acquaintances, ten people altogether.

Despite this, we managed to infuse the ceremony with great joy, and we laid on a grand feast – a whole loaf of coarse bread and even a little jam. We made coffee sweetened with saccharin, and everyone there regarded it as a real spread.

The chuppah (wedding ceremony) was held on 29 November 1942. There were seven weddings that evening. When I went to my parents' house the following day, I couldn't find them again; that night they had been taken away for deportation. Both my brothers chose to join them.

Sara Kalmanowsky, Sefer Plonsk, p. 443