"Don't Forget Me" - Children's Personal Albums From the Holocaust

"Soon… the sun will shine again"

Jadzia Beitner's Personal Album

"If you want to be happy, and to merit a miracle, be loyal to the Jewish people"
For beloved Jadzia, from Sala Redner

Sala Redner (later Shlomit Goldstein) wrote this dedication in the album given to Jadzia Beitner (later Yochit Mendelsohn) for her 11th birthday in the Oberaltstadtcamp in the Sudetenland.  Yochit met Shlomit again in Israel 64 years after the end of WWII.

Yochit preserved two albums containing dedications written by young girls assigned to forced labor in a spinning factory in the Sudetenland.  One of them is bound in blue cloth and embroidered with a red heart inscribed with the name Jadzia; the second is bound in the remnants of a black work apron, and embroidered with threads taken clandestinely from the factory.

Yochit's husband Zadok Mendelsohn and her daughters Anat and Michal donated the albums and family photographs to Yad Vashem. More...