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Timkovichi, Kopyl County, Minsk District, Belarus

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Jews began living in Timkovichi in the 18th century. In 1922 a Yiddish elementary school was opened there. In 1926 the town had 1,093 Jews, who comprised 40.5 percent of the total population. Many Jews worked in the textile industry there. In 1928 Timkovichi’s Jews founded the Jewish kolkhoz “International”, which had 132 Jews working on it. A Yiddish newpaper “Timkovicher Arbeter Shtime,” was published in the town.
In 1941 the Germans separated Timkovichi’s Jews from the rest of the population and concentrated the Jews in one location. On March 25 and April 25 (another source cited May 25),1942 Timkovichi's Jews were murdered by the Germans.
Timkovichi was liberated by the Red Army in July 1944.