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Sunday to Thursday: ‬09:00-17:00

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Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of 10. Babies in strollers or carriers will not be permitted to enter.

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"Generations Light the Way": Remembering the Six Million

A​ family-oriented​ commemorative​ project​ for Holocaust Remembrance Day

29 March 2021

The Jewish directive "Remember" is defined by different expressions, including a communal responsibility to actively recall the past. This is passed from generation to generation through​ rituals, prayers​ and​ discussions.​ Since the end of the Second World War and the Holocaust,​ Jews across the globe​ have​ accepted the collective responsibility to commemorate the​ past and remember​ the​ atrocities of the Shoah​ in order to​ work towards​ a​ better​ future.​ As part of this duty, Yad Vashem,​ the World Holocaust Remembrance Center,​ and​ the​ Tzohar Rabbinical Organization, which is​ dedicated to​ fostering​ Jewish identity and continuity,​ are​ promoting a joint venture that will bring the memory​ of the Shoah​ into​ the hearts and homes of​ people​ in Israel and around the world.​

On the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day​, Yad Vashem and​ Tzohar​ invite the public to take part in​ the​ "Generations Light the Way"​ project​ by lighting​ memorial candles in​ memory​ of the six million victims of the Shoah.​

Families are encouraged to gather​ together​ to​ light​ six memorial​ candles and​ recite​ the traditional​ mourner's​ prayer "El​ Maleh Rahamim"​ and/or the poem​ "Nizkor​ –​ Let us​ Remember" by​ Holocaust survivor​ Abba​ Kovner,​ and take part in this special​ commemorative tradition​ as a way of imparting the memory of the Shoah​ to the next generation. "Generations Light the Way" ​provides​ a meaningful family-oriented​ remembrance opportunity, alongside​ various official​ commemorative​ ceremonies and​ other​ public activities to be held throughout Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Founder and Chairman​ of the​ Tzohar​ Rabbinical Association,​ Rabbi David​ Stav:

"Throughout the ages, as Jews we have always worked to preserve the memory of the historical events​ that form the very basis of​ our​ existence. As a pivotal event which has defined our nation in modern times, remembering the Holocaust is critical for educating the next generations by exploring​ the depths to which​ humanity can descend when we are not committed to the basic values ​​that underpin​ civil society. This important initiative invites the participation of people all over the world to support this central aspect of Jewish identity."

Acting Yad Vashem Chairman​ Ronen Plot:

"Today, we​ find ourselves at a crossroads. As the last generation to be personally​ acquainted​ with Holocaust survivors,​ we​ have the great​ responsibility​ to ensure​ that what we saw,​ what we​ heard and​ what we​ learned​ is passed on to future generations. This​ lies​ at the center of Yad​ Vashem's​ mission."​ Plot​ continues,​ "The​ meaningful initiative "Generations​ Light the Way"​ is poised to be an annual activity that​ will help​ ensure​ that the​ memory of the​ six million Jews murdered in the Holocaust will continue to be remembered for all time."

Join​ "Generations Light the Way"​ and pass​ on​ the tradition of Holocaust remembrance to your children and grandchildren.