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Yad Vashem Urges Mayor of Tangerhütte to Reconsider Renaming of Anne Frank Day Care Center

08 November 2023

In a recent development, concerns have arisen over the initiative to rename the Anne Frank Day Care Center in Tangerhütte, a city in the Federal State of Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany. This decision has garnered public and media attention leading to Yad Vashem Chairman Dani Dayan's call for reconsideration.

The renaming of the Anne Frank Day Care Center has raised eyebrows both locally and globally. Many German leaders have consistently voiced their commitment to promoting Holocaust awareness and education across all 16 federal states of Germany. Furthermore, Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies has agreements with all 16 states and works closely with each of their Ministries of Education.

The decision to depersonalize the name of the Anne Frank Day Care Center not only sends a troubling message to the citizens of Tangerhütte and all of Germany but to the world as well. It raises questions about the ongoing connection to our not-so-distant past and ongoing remembrance commitment to the memory of the Holocaust.

In a letter to Mayor of Tangerhütte Andreas Brohm, Yad Vashem Chairman Dani Dayan urges him to preserve the memory of Anne Frank, a victim of the Holocaust. Dayan writes:

"Anne Frank's story serves as a lasting reminder of the enduring human spirit and the need to combat hatred and intolerance . She is a beacon of hope and inspiration. I sincerely hope that, upon reflection, you will reverse the decision to change the center's name and reaffirm Tangerhütte's commitment to Holocaust awareness and education."

Anne Frank, born in Frankfurt, immigrated to Amsterdam with her family after the rise of the Nazi party in Germany. The Frank family spent nearly two years in hiding in an attic before being discovered and deported to concentration camps. Anne was murdered in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in mid-1945. The Diary of Anne Frank has been read by millions worldwide and translated into numerous languages. Her legacy transcends politics, serving as a testament to the enduring power of her story.