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"Spiritual Resistance" - September 2008

Welcome to the 13th issue of Teaching the Legacy. The focus of this issue is “Spiritual Resistance”, featuring an article on this theme and a lesson plan for teaching the subject. Also included are our regular updates on activities at the International School and within Yad Vashem, and book reviews. We hope this newsletter piques your interest and we look forward to your feedback.

The Continuation and Renewed Role of the Jewish Wife and Mother

The Continuation and Renewed Role of the Jewish Wife and Mother

IntroductionIn the period between the two world wars, the typical Jewish family in Poland – as in any society – was influenced by many factors. According to an article by Dalia Ofer and Linor Weizman, the lives of Jewish men and women before the war were conducted according to traditionally defined models. During the 1920s and 1930s, in the majority of Jewish families, similar to that of non-Jewish families, married men were responsible for financially supporting the family. Women, even those who studied a trade or worked in the family business, were responsible for household tasks...
Pages from the “Vedem” Magazine, 1944

Spiritual Resistance During the Holocaust

IntroductionThis article will introduce the concept of spiritual resistance during the Holocaust and present ways in which the lessons learned from such unarmed resistance can be taught in the classroom.By introducing students to examples of spiritual resistance, the teacher can facilitate discussions on how people survived during the Holocaust, and the personal values that contributed to their fight for survival.In Holocaust terminology, “spiritual resistance” refers to attempts by individuals to maintain their humanity and core values in spite of Nazi dehumanization and degradation....
Warsaw, Poland, Jews around a seder table in the ghetto, reading from the Passover Haggada

Spiritual Resistance During the Holocaust

Grades: 10 through 12
Duration: In this lesson plan, we have included a large selection of resources related to unarmed resistance during the Holocaust. The teacher can decide how to utilize the subject matter presented here in the time available. 

The topic of resistance during the Holocaust signifies heroism in the face of evil. This lesson plan focuses on spiritual resistance, including examples of photographers, poets, historians, couriers, youth group members, and more. Unarmed and confined in ghettos and concentration camps, we cover some examples of Jews fighting...