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Sunday to Thursday: ‬09:00-17:00

Fridays and Holiday eves: ‬09:00-14:00

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of 10. Babies in strollers or carriers will not be permitted to enter.

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"Bearing Witness" - April 2007

Welcome to the ninth issue of Teaching the Legacy. The subject of this issue is “Bearing Witness”, as we focus on witnesses and testimonies. Also included are updates on activities at the International School and within Yad Vashem in the “What’s New” sections, as well as new publications and a new web page for Yom HaShoah resources. We hope you find this newsletter of interest and we look forward to your feedback.

On Witnesses and Testimonies

Perhaps never before in the annals of history has such a man-made human tragedy as the Holocaust created such devastation and misery for so many people. It is difficult, therefore, to comprehend how concerted efforts have been made to deny and annul this watershed event in western civilization. Even as the Nazis themselves were attempting to hide from the eyes of the world what they were perpetrating on the Jewish population of Europe and other civilian populations, victims and survivors were already recording their anguished cries during the war.These cries issued forth in real time from a deluge...
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Two Survivors Tell Their Stories: Holocaust memorial ceremony

Two Survivors Tell Their Stories: Holocaust memorial ceremony

Grades: 12 
Duration: 20 minutes

In this ceremony students commemorate the experiences of two Holocaust survivors and their families, one from Germany and one from Italy.

During the Holocaust, it is estimated that the Nazis and their collaborators systematically murdered approximately six million Jews. Those who survived had to cope with their memories, altering their lives forever. As many survivors chose not to or could not speak of their ordeal, we will never know their story. However, many others felt compelled to relate and give eyewitness accounts of those...
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Childhood Before and During the Holocaust

Childhood Before and During the Holocaust

Grades: 5 - 6
Duration: 1 - 1.5 hours

This age-appropriate lesson plan is suitable for pupils in grades 5-6, and enables children to relate to an individual victim in a world of hardship and difficult dilemmas.
This lesson plan highlights the personal story of Uri Orlev, a Holocaust survivor, who became a writer and translator in Israel. The story, based on his book “The Sandgame,” is told from Uri’s viewpoint as a child. His dreams, hopes and ambitions are described, along with his experiences in ghettos, hiding, and the death of his mother.
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