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Telegrams between Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt Concerning the Establishment of the Jewish Brigade

Prime Minister’s
Personal Telegram
Serial No.T.1652/4.

Prime Minister to President Roosevelt No. 765
Personal and Top Secret. 23 August, 1944

After much pressure from Weizmann I have arranged that the War Office shall raise a Jewish Brigade Group in what you would call a regimental combat team. This will give great satisfaction to the Jews when it is published and surely they of all other races have the right to strike at the Germans as a recognizable body. They wish to have their own flag which is the Star of David on a white background with two light blue bars. I cannot see why this should not be done. Indeed I think that the flying of this flag at the head of a combat unit would be a message to go all over the world. If the usual objections are raised I can overcome them but before going ahead I should like to know whether you have any views upon it.


The King
Deputy Prime Minister
Foreign Secretary
Secretary of State for War
Secretary of State for the Colonies
Sir E. Bridges
General Ismay

President Roosevelt’s Response:

Personal Telegram
SERIAL No T.1686/4.

28 August 1944

Personal and Top Secret
Number 609

TO: The Prime Minister
FROM: The President

Your 765. I perceive no objection to your organizing a Jewish Brigade as suggested.

(Signed) Roosevelt

Taken from: Lubshinski-Katko, Tamar, Halochem Hayehudi Bemilchemet Haolam Hesheniya (“The Jewish Fighter in World War II”), Shiryon Press, 2005, p. 112


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