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Announcement of the Evacuation of the Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, July 22, 1942

The Judenrat is informed of the following:

  1. All Jewish persons living in Warsaw, regardless of age and sex, will be resettled in the East.
  2. The following are excluded from the resettlement:
    1. All Jewish persons employed by German Authorities or enterprises, and who can show proof of this fact.
    2. All Jewish persons who are members or employees of the Judenrat (on the day of the publication of this regulation).
    3. All Jewish persons who are employed by a Reich-German company and can show proof of the fact.
    4. All Jews capable of work who have up to now not been brought into the labor process are to be taken to the barracks in the Jewish quarter.
    5. All Jewish persons who belong to the staff of the Jewish hospitals. This applies also to the members of the Jewish Disinfection Team.
    6. All Jewish persons who belong to the Jewish Police (Juedischer Ordnungsdienst).
    7. All Jewish persons who are first-degree relatives of the person listed under a) through f). Such relatives are exclusively wives and children.
    8. All Jewish persons who are hospitalized in one of the Jewish hospitals on the first day of the resettlement and are not fit to be discharged. Fitness for the discharge will be decided by a doctor to be appointed by the Judenrat.
  3. Every Jew being resettled may take 15 kgs. of his property as baggage. All valuables such as gold, jewelry, money, etc., may be taken. Food is to be taken for three days.
  4. The resettlement will begin at 11:00 o'clock on July 22, 1942. In the course of the resettlement the Judenrat will have the following tasks, for the precise execution of which the members of the Judenrat will answer with their lives....

Eksterminacja, pp. 300-302.

* The Regulation and detailed instructions for carrying it out were dictated to the Judenrat in Warsaw by Hoefle, who was in charge of the evacuation.


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