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Opening Hours:

Sunday to Thursday: ‬09:00-17:00

Fridays and Holiday eves: ‬09:00-14:00

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of 10. Babies in strollers or carriers will not be permitted to enter.

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Women’s Experiences During the Holocaust – New Books in Print

Reviewed by Rochelle G. Saidel

  1. For example, Mary Berg, Warsaw Ghetto: A Diary (New York: L.B. Fischer,1945); Kitty Hart, I Am Alive (London: Abelard-Schumann, 1946); Olga Lengyel, Five Chimneys: The Story of Auschwitz (Chicago: Ziff-Davis, 1947); Gisella Perl, I Was A Doctor At Auschwitz (New York: International Universities Press, 1948); Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl (first published in English in 1952) which was most recently published as The Diary of a Young Girl: The Definitive Edition (New York: Doubleday, 1995), and Gerda Weissman Klein, All But My Life (New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1957), republished in 1992.
  2. Marion A. Kaplan, Between Dignity and Despair: Jewish Life in Nazi Germany (New York: Oxford University Press, 1998).
  3. Joan Ringelheim, “Thoughts about Women and the Holocaust,” in Roger S. Gottlieb, ed., Thinking the Unthinkable: Meanings of the Holocaust (New York: Paulist Press, 1990), p. 145.
  4. See Michelle Rosaldo and Louise Lamphere, eds., Woman, Culture, and Society, (Stanford University Press, 1974), “Introduction,” p.4.
  5. Zillah Eisenstein, Feminism and Sexual Equality (New York: Monthly Review Press, 1984), p. 150.
  6. English translation first published in 1987 by Pantheon Books.
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