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Sunday to Thursday: ‬09:00-17:00

Fridays and Holiday eves: ‬09:00-14:00

Yad Vashem is closed on Saturdays and all Jewish Holidays.

Entrance to the Holocaust History Museum is not permitted for children under the age of 10. Babies in strollers or carriers will not be permitted to enter.

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Video Testimonies Resource Center

Throughout our website the voices of the survivors infuse our online exhibitions, historical narratives, teaching units and ceremonies with content and with meaning. We have gathered many of those testimonies in this section where they can be easily accessed by either topic or location, according to the birthplaces of the survivors. This section will continue to grow as more and more testimonies are added to the website.

"For whoever listens to a witness becomes a witness"

Excerpt from a speech given by Elie Wiesel at Yad Vashem

"My Lodz No Longer Exists" The Story of Holocaust Survivor Yosef Neuhaus

"She Was There and She Told Me" - The Story of Hannah Bar Yesha

A Pledge and a Purpose: Testimony of Holocaust Survivor Chana Oren (Schönfeld)

Arnold Goldschmidt - Kristallnacht in the City of Fulda

Baruch Shub- The Holocaust in Vilna

Chana Weismann's Testimony

Chaya Avraham - The Holocaust in Transnistria

Chief Rabbi Lau speaks on Holocaust Remembrance Day

Cila Zakheim (Kopolowitz) tells her story of rescue by Ignat and Sofya Yermolovich

Commemoration of the Jewish Community of Monastir, Macedonia

Cultural Life in the Vilna Ghetto: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Daily Life in the Concentration Camps: Rita Weiss

Daily Life in the Lodz Ghetto

Daily Life in the Plonsk Ghetto

Daily Life in the Vilna Ghetto: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

David Gur - The Zionist Underground in Hungary

Dealing with the Past- The Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

Deportation from Hungary: Elisheva Zimet Stern and Rita Weiss

Deportation from Kracow to the Concentration Camps: Shmuel Rotbard, Miriam Akavia and Aliza Avnon

Deportation of the Jews of Greece to the Concentration Camps: Yaacov (Jacki) Handali

Deportation to the Death Camps: Rita Weiss

Dina Baitler- Mass Murder in Ponar

Education in the Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

Elie Wiesel speaks about his father and the significance of memory

Elie Wiesel: Universal Lessons of the Holocaust

Elisheva Auerbach Polak and Elisheva Weiss - The Holocaust in Holland

Entrance and Arrival- The Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

Ester Samuel-Cahn- Rescue by Righteous Among the Nations

Esther Burstein - Survival in the Lodz Ghetto

Esther Burstein describes maintaining her faith during the Holocaust

Esther Burstein describes sneaking holy books into the ghetto

Esther Burstein describes the humiliation and abuse of her grandfather in the local synagogue

Esther Debora Reiss-Mossel: Child Holocaust survivor describes wartime experiences

Forging Friendships in the Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

French Holocaust survivor Dr. Robert M. Finaly describes wartime experience

Haim Roet- Rescue by Righteous Among the Nations

Hannah Bar Yesha - Immigration to Israel and Building a New Life

Hannah Bar Yesha Describes Conversation among the Female Camp Prisoners at Auschwitz

Hannah Bar Yesha – The Hungarian Women's Camp in Auschwitz-Birkenau

Hannah Gofrit- Rescue by Righteous Among the Nations in Warsaw, Poland

Heshel Reissman describes trying to maintain faith during the Holocaust

Holocaust Survivor Describes Ghetto and Death Camp

Holocaust Survivor Kalman Perk Describes Escape from Cattle Car

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: In the Ranks of the Partisans

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Libya

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Munkács Under Hungarian Rule

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Religious Life in Mir

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: Religious Life in Munkács

Holocaust Survivor Testimonies: The Interwar Period in Mir

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Andrei Călăraşu

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Avraham Aviel

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Chasia Bornstein (Bielicka)

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Chava Pressburger

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Daniel Avidar

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: David (Yorek) Plonski

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Dina Büchler-Chen

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Eliezer Ayalon

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Esther Pasker Gelbelman

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Felix Zandman

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Hela Schüpper-Rufeisen

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Iris Mozzeri

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Jakob Zim

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Joseph Labi

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Leo Luster

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Manya Brodeski-Titelman

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Menachem Frenkel

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Menachem Katz

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Mordechai (Motke) Wiesel

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Sara Israeli

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Shmuel Elchanan

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Simcha Applebaum

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Vera Dotan

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Yaacov (Jacki) Handeli

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Yehuda Feigin

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Yona (Janek) Fuchs

Holocaust Survivor Testimony: Zvi Unger

Holocaust Survivor Yehuda Szternfeld Remembers Fallen Survivor-Soldiers

Hunger in the Concentration Camps: Walter Zwi Bacharach

Identity Restored- The Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

Israel Meir Lau - On Anne Frank's Diary

Israel Meir Lau - Speaking Out Against Hunger in Africa

Jewish Education in Interwar Plonsk

Jewish Education in Interwar Vilna: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Jewish Education in Würzburg During the Interwar Period

Jewish Life in Nazi Germany: Walter Zvi Bacharach and Uri Ben Ari

Jewish Parties and Movements in Interwar Vilna: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Jewish RAF Veteran Testimony - Martin Hauser

Jewish Religious Life in Interwar Vilna: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Jews' Daily Life in Interwar Plonsk

Jews' Daily Life in Interwar Vilna: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Kalman Bar On - Arrival and Survival in Auschwitz

Kristallnacht in the City of Buehl

Kristallnacht in the City of Würzburg

Lea Paz: Child Holocaust survivor describes rescue by Righteous Among the Nations

Life in Trzebinia, Poland: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Malka Rosenthal - Living in Hiding in the Stanislawow Ghetto

Malka Rosenthal - On Being Ostracized as a Child during the Occupation of Stanislawow

Malka Rosenthal - On Hiding in a Barrel for One and a Half Years during the Holocaust

Malka Rosenthal - On the Loss of Her Mother during the Holocaust

Marcel Reich-Ranicki: Cultural Activity in the Warsaw Ghetto

Marga Randall: Kristallnacht in a Small German Town

Meir Brand: Holocaust Survivor and Israeli Combat Officer

Michael Maor: From the Holocaust to the Secret Service

Mir During the Holocaust

Mirjam Schuster: Child Holocaust survivor describes helping other survivors

Mordechai (Motke) Zeidel- The Mass Murder Site of Ponar, Lithuania

Naphtali Lau Lavie discusses faith during the Holocaust

Nattan Ginzburg describes how as a young man during the Holocaust he observed Jewish rituals

Niko Pardo describes the end of the Jewish community of Monastir, Macedonia

Noemi Shadmi: From Holocaust Survivor to Israeli Police Commander

Ovadia Baruch - On the Way to Auschwitz

Ovadia Baruch - Ovadia and Aliza's First Meeting

Ovadia Baruch - The Return to Life

Ovadia Baruch - Thoughts on Seeing His Auschwitz-Birkenau Prisoner Card

Ovadia Baruch - Working at an Auschwitz sub-camp

Partisan Activities: Vitka Kovner, Joseph (Julik) Harmatz and Baruch Shub

Prof. Gutman discusses the significance and importance of the Oneg Shabbat Archives

Professor Israel Gutman describes Oneg Shabbat

Professor Israel Gutman discusses Emanuel Ringelblum

Rabbi Israel Meir Lau speaks about the importance of commemorating the Jews who perished during the Holocaust

Religious Life in Monastir, Macedonia

Religious Life in Trzebinia, Poland: Survivor Testimonies

Righteous Among the Nations from Macedonia: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Rina Sha'ashua Hason: The Rescue of Bulgarian Jewry

Sabina Kirshenbaum describes how Orthodox men tried to prevent the Nazis from shaving their beards

Sabina Kirshenbaum describes standing guard at the shteibel (synagogue) that was located in her home

Schooling and Antisemitism in Trzebinia: Survivor Testimonies

Selection in Auschwitz: Yaacov (Jacki) Handali and Rita Weiss

Shalom Shorenson's Testimony: Murder of the Jews of Lithuania

Shimon Greenhouse: Child Holocaust survivor describes family's wartimes experiences

Shmuel Daitch Ben Menachem: Blowing the Shofar on Rosh Hashana in the Kovno Ghetto

Shushan Cohen- The Holocaust in Tunisia

Slave Labor in the Concentration Camps: Yaacov (Jacki) Handali and Roman Frister

Solomon Feigerson: Child Holocaust survivor describes escape from mass execution

Surviving the Holocaust: Esther Eisen's Story

Surviving the Holocaust: Hanna Bar Yesha's Story

Surviving the Holocaust: Hedy Hirsch's Story

Surviving the Holocaust: Mordechai Eldar's Story

Surviving the Holocaust: Sophie Engelsman's Story

Surviving the Holocaust: Zanne Farbstein's Story

The Aktions in Vilna: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

The Anguish of Liberation: Nachum Bandel, Rita Weiss, Miriam Akavia, Alisa-Lusia Avnon, Herta Goldman and Walter Zwi Bacharach

The Chelmno Death Camp: Shimon Srebrnik

The Death Marches: Herta Goldman and Lea Frank Holitz

The Deportation of the Jews of Würzburg to the East

The Displaced Persons' Camps: Abraham and Shoshana Roshkovski

The End of the Jewish Community in Monastir, Macedonia

The German Invasion of Trzebinia, Poland

The Holocaust in Romania: Ester Gelbelman

The Jewish Community of Monastir, Macedonia: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

The Jewish Community of Würzburg During the Interwar Period

The Jewish Community of Würzburg: Religious Life

The Jews of Würzburg 1933 - 1938

The Kovno Train - The Fatal Transport to Ponary: Excerpts From Yitzhak Arad's Testimony

The Liquidation of the Ghetto in Trzebinia, Poland

The Liquidation of the Plonsk Ghetto

The Mass Deportation from the Warsaw Ghetto: Halina Birenbaum, Masha Putermilch, and Yosef Charny

The Partisans of Mir: Shmuel Cesler and Oswald Rufeussen

The Sterner Family Remembered

The Treblinka Death Camp: Eliahu Rosenberg

Twin Sisters Describe Arrival at Auschwitz: Iudit Barnea and Lia Huber

Underground Activity in France and Hungary: Thea Epstein, Moshe Alpan, and Ephraim Agmon

Underground Refuge- Hiding from the Nazis: Malka Rosenthal

Uri Ben Ari and Walter Zwi Bacharach- Kristallnacht

Uri Chanoch: Two Brothers Struggle to Survive the Holocaust

Vilna During the Holocaust: The Wittenberg Affair: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Voices From the Forest: Testimonies of Partisans from Vilna

Willie Sterner Describes Deportation

Willie Sterner Describes the Jewish Community of Wolbrom

Willie Sterner Remembers Wolbrom

Yakov (Jannek) Hollander- The Krakow Ghetto and the Concentration Camps

Yechiel Burgin, a partisan from Vilna talks about the Theater in the Vilna Ghetto

Yerakhmiyel Felzenshteyn: Jewish fighter in Red Army describes his WWII experiences

Yisrael Gutman: Daily Life in the Warsaw Ghetto

Yosef Charny- Starvation in the Warsaw Ghetto

Yosef Neuhaus - Arrival and Daily Life in Auschwitz-Birkenau during the Holocaust

Yosef Neuhaus - Rumkowski's Speech in Lodz, Poland, during the Holocaust

Yosef Neuhaus - The Vibrancy of the Jewish Community in Lodz before the Holocaust

Yosef Neuhaus - Work and Survival in the Lodz Ghetto during the Holocaust

Youth Movements in Monastir, Macedonia: Holocaust Survivor Testimonies

Zionist Activity in Interwar Plonsk

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Helping New Immigrants to Israel

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Helping Survivors in Bergen-Belsen

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- His Decision to Leave Austria During the Height of His Studies for His Doctorate

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Man After the Holocaust

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Providing Help in Bergen-Belsen

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Spiritual Challenges in the POW Camps

Zvi Asaria-Hermann Helfgott- Spiritual Leadership in the POW Camps