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The Righteous Among The Nations

The Righteous Among The Nations

We Seek Your Help

Do You Recognize Anyone?

Photographs of those who were rescued by Righteous Among the Nations have been sent to Yad Vashem from all over the world. Sometimes those who have provided the photos are unable to identify the people in them. Yad Vashem is committed to researching all aspects of rescue stories, and therefore we seek your help in identifying the people in the photos. Do you recognize anyone? If you have any additional information about this rescue story and/or related documentation, we would appreciate receiving that as well.

Hanka (today, Hana Perlman) from Bratislava is looking for any information on the woman in the photograph Children Hidden by Yvonne Rocques, Nice, France Leonard (last name unknown) Hidden in Melen, Belgium Mother and Daughter Hidden in Klimontow near Sosnowiec, Poland Jewish Refugees on Boat from Vladisvostok to Tsuruga, Japan Jean (last name unknown) Hidden in Versailles, France
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