Behind the Scenes at Yad Vashem

Special tours and gatherings for the public on Holocaust Remembrance Day

For the third year running, the general public is invited to familiarize itself with the day-to-day work at Yad Vashem. On Holocaust Remembrance Day (24 May), Yad Vashem experts will present Shoah-related documents, works of art and artifacts and explain special projects and challenges in order to illustrate the wide range of endeavors undertaken year round on the Mount of Remembrance:

*All presentations are in Hebrew

"To Every Person There is a Name"
Public recitation of Shoah victims' names
Hall of Remembrance, 11:00-12:45

"Broken Puzzle"
The challenges of piecing together individual and collective accounts of the Shoah presented through original items from the Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection
Synagogue, 11:15 and 13:15

"How Memory is Preserved"
Behind-the-scenes in the Yad Vashem Archives, presenting original Holocaust-era documents as well as the process of their preservation and digitization
Foyer of the Library and Archives Building, 11:15

"Restoring Their Identities" – Guided Tour of the Holocaust History Museum
An experiential tour of the personal stories, testimonies, artifacts, artworks and photographs displayed in the Museum
Visitors Center, 11:15

"Technology in the Service of Memory"
A visit to Yad Vashem's Digitization Laboratory and familiarization with Yad Vashem's computer systems
Administration Building, Floor -1, 11:15

"Artists and their Creations during the Holocaust"
Rare presentation on a number of artworks produced during the Holocaust and the stories of the artists who created them
Museum of Holocaust Art, 12:00

"Auschwitz Through Archival Documentation"
A tour of the Archives including a view of the original blueprints, aerial photos and photos on the ground of the infamous death camp, as well as the historical process of its development
Foyer of the Library and Archives Building, 12:00

”From Wartime Diaries to YouTube" – The Holocaust in Cinema
The influence of cinematic creations on Holocaust remembrance for coming generations
Visual Center, 12:00

"Mirrors" – Innovative Educational Projects in Designing Holocaust Memory
Presentation of projects from different fields of art that open a window to the topic of the Holocaust and allow young artists to express their individual feelings
International School for Holocaust Studies, 12:00

"Righteous Memory" – The Righteous Among the Nations Program
Challenges in gathering testimonies with the passage of time, and stories of the unique project to recognize non-Jews who saved Jews during the Holocaust
Administration Building, Floor -1, 13:15

"Stars Without a Heaven: Children in the Holocaust"
Guided tour of the temporary exhibition dealing with the world of children during the Holocaust, including original artifacts and testimonies alongside artworks and animated films
Temporary Exhibitions Pavilion, 13:15

"Animation of the Holocaust"
Presenting a collection of short animated films that give a modern perspective to Holocaust remembrance
Visual Center, 14:00

"Discoveries through Names Collection"
Presentation of emotional family reunions and surprising discoveries following the identification, gathering and presentation of Holocaust victims' names as part of Yad Vashem's commemorative Names Recovery Project
Administration Building, Floor -1, 14:00

"From the Archives to the Mobile"
Behind-the-scenes of the online exhibitions on the Yad Vashem website
International School for Holocaust Studies, 14:00

Assistance in Searching for Personal and Family Information
Library and Archives Reading Room, 12:00-15:30

Participation dependent upon space. Each presentation is about 30 minutes, except for the tour of the Holocaust History Museum, which will be approximately 1.5 hours.

Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day