Christian Leadership Seminar Graduates meet in Washington, DC

Graduates of Yad Vashem's International Christian Leadership Seminars gathered in Washington, DC for the first time in August 2016.  The special gathering was generously sponsored by the Museum of the Bible to be opened in Washington DC in November 2017. During the meeting in August 2016, a co-operation agreement was signed between Yad Vashem and the Museum of the Bible.  The Museum of the Bible was already a generous supporter of Yad Vashem's work in Christian communities.


Since 2010, each Christian Leadership Seminar has brought around 30 leaders worldwide to Yad Vashem's International School for Holocaust Studies. The learning experience is led by world’s leading experts on anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and Israel Today.


This year, over 120 people were present at the Graduate Meeting in Washington DC. Sessions were taught by Yad Vashem's experts and graduates themselves were invited to speak in panels as well as evening meetings. We toured the Museum of the Bible construction site. In addition to the USA based participants, it was a particular joy to have with us a contingent of leaders from Africa (Ghana, Kenya), Canada, Malaysia and the UK. The differences between the various nations became apparent yet we felt like one family gathered around the theme of Yad Vashem. It is noticeable that our work touches people everywhere and there are universal lessons to be studied.


We invite you to think about your pastor in this context – perhaps he/she would benefit from the Yad Vashem Seminar experience? Could you be the one spreading the word?


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PHOTO Credit: Teri Moy Studio