Yad Vashem Mission 2018

July 2018 saw Yad Vashem host their mission ‘Generation to Generation: From Austria to Israel at 70’. It was a multi-generational journey from Herzl’s home in Vienna to the Jewish homeland he envisioned commemorating the tragedies and celebrating the triumphs of the Jewish people. Over 100 people aged 16 – 97 years, including a number of Holocaust survivors, attended the mission.


In Israel, the mission visited the Army’s expansive training complex known as Ir HaBahadim “City of Training Bases” in the Negev desert in the South which opened in 2017. It is the army’s largest base and a city in itself. There, they met the commander of the base Colonel Avi Motola and participated in a lecture hosted in the special wing dedicated to teaching soldiers about the lessons of the Holocaust which is partnered with Yad Vashem.


One of the highlights of the mission was a special evening hosted by the International Christian Embassy Jerusalem (ICEJ) at their Embassy in Jerusalem. The evening, held in their beautiful gardens, celebrated Israel’s produce. Truly, like the Bible says, ‘…this desolate land has become like the Garden of Eden…’ (Ezekiel 36:35).


Dr. Jürgen Bühler who serves as President of the ICEJ addressed the group, educating them about the ICEJ and their activities. Finally, Dr. Susanna Kokkonen spoke about the vital work of the Christian Friends of Yad Vashem.


For a significant period of time we have depended for support upon our cooperation with the ICEJ and many of their branches worldwide. Through this important cooperation, many Christians from around the world have learnt about us and become Christian Friends of Yad Vashem. We really value and depend on your support!


We invite you to support our ongoing activities; please, email us at: Christian.friends@yadvashem.org.il