May 2018 News

May 2018 was a month of many visits and celebrations. May 14is the date most Christians around the world recall as Israel's birthday. It is of no surprise that so many came to Jerusalem for that date of destiny, especially as we have just celebrated the State’s 70th birthday. Recently, singer and actor Pat Boone visited Yad Vashem with a group. During their visit to the archives, they were shown Mr. Boone’s original lyrics of his most famous song “Exodus” which he previously donated to Yad Vashem.


Visitors came to Yad Vashem from four continents: Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. They toured, heard Holocaust survivors speak and reflected on the survivors' contribution to the building of the new state. March of the Nations, an initiative of Pastor Jobst Bitner from Germany, drew thousands of international visitors to Jerusalem to repent for the past and to celebrate Israel’s anniversary. In addition to having Yad Vashem well represented on the Convention floor, Shaya Ben Yehuda, Director, International Relations Division at Yad Vashem, spoke at the event. Young Germans and young Israelis of today visited Yad Vashem together, culminating in an extremely moving ceremony.


Christian leaders from all over the world came to the ICEJ International Leadership Conference in Washington, DC where Dr. Susanna Kokkonen, Director, Christian Friends of Yad Vashem, made a special presentation. In honor of Israel's 70th birthday, an exceptional Gala Dinner took place at the Museum of the Bible. Yad Vashem was represented by Dr. Susanna Kokkonen, as well as by our key supporters in the ICEJ branches and Cary Summers, President of the Museum of the Bible.


Our main mission starting at the end of May is the Young Christian Leadership Seminar bringing young Christian leaders from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe. Many of these participants come from a community that used to be very pro-Israel. However, this is changing. Now is the opportune moment to reach out and educate them about the history of the Holocaust, antisemitism and the State of Israel.


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