Bringing everyone to Yad Vashem

The staff and volunteers of Christian Friends of Yad Vashem, wish you a successful and peace-filled 2018! We look forward to hosting you at Yad Vashem throughout the upcomign year. Please remember to email us ahead of time when planning you tour of Israel.


The year started with a visit from Vice President Mike Pence accompanied by Mrs. Karen Pence and a large entourage visited Yad Vashem whilst in Israel. It was my privilege to be at the Hall of Remembrance for the special memorial ceremony. In an extremely moving moment, VP and Mrs. Pence re-kindled the eternal flame and laid a wreath in memory of the six million Jews of Europe who perished. In 2018, as we are celebrating the State of Israel and the contribution Holocaust survivors made to the re-building, it was somehow a poignant and moving moment to be there. It was also history in making. 

Among the many international visits we recently hosted, we  welcomed local Christian leaders to Yad Vashem for a study day. The group was made up of directors of international organizations and ministries that are based in Jerusalem. During the study day, these leaders saw behind-the-scenes sights, heard lectures and actively participated in workshops. They were overwhelmed by the quality of teachings and depth of Yad Vashem's work. 

We would like to see you supporting our ministry in 2018. We look forward to working together to find a meaningful project that will inspire you.  

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Blessings and see you soon

Dr. Susanna Kokkonen

Director, Christian Friends of Yad Vashem!