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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

The Nazi Extermination Camps

The majority of Holocaust victims were murdered by the Nazis in six killing centers strictly intended for this purpose. The first extermination camp was Chelmno, which began operating as early as December 1941. It was in this camp that hundreds of thousands of Jews mostly from Western Poland, were murdered in gas vans. In March 1942, the Belzec Death Camp began to operate in the Generalgovernement area of occupied Poland.  A few months later Sobibor and Treblinka were also operational.

At these three camps, which functioned as part of the operation for the liquidation of Polish Jewry ("Operation Reinhard"), more than 1.5 million Jews from Poland were murdered. Tens of thousands of Jews from other countries were also murdered there. Hundreds of thousands of additional Jews, especially from Poland, were killed in the Majdanek Extermination Camp. The largest Extermination Camp of all was Auschwitz-Birkenau where the Nazis murdered at least 1.1 million Jews from all over Europe.

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