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The Holocaust

The Holocaust Resource Center

The Holocaust Resource Center provides you with easy access to in-depth information about the Holocaust. It can help you integrating the info you already have. The Center has a large collection of sources from the Yad Vashem Archives, including various kinds of original Holocaust-era documentation provided in English including letters and diaries written by Jews during the Holocaust, numerous photographs and original documents. The Holocaust Resource Center serves as a repository for the collection of the testimonies of Holocaust survivors that have been collected at Yad Vashem over the years, as well as excerpts from memoirs written by survivors after the war. The Resource Center supports this collection of primary sources with excerpts from research studies, as well as, works of art, and historical maps and charts and a collection of artifacts from Yad Vashem's museum collection.

Posted on the homepage of the Resource Center are thirteen main topics, referred to as "Gates." Upon entering a gate you will find an introduction to the topic and links to various additional sources on the subject. Here you can limit your search by selecting one of the sections within the gate. Once inside a section, you will be offered an introductory summary and links to the relevant items which would be found at the bottom of the page. You can also access the sources in the Resource Center by selecting types of sources (e.g., photographs) or any of a 130 keywords. To refine your search, you can combine these three search methods. In addition, the Holocaust Resource Center offers a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Holocaust, a comprehensive lexicon about the Holocaust and a detailed time line.

New at the Resource Center

Gates - Main Topics

Antisemitism and Racism

The Nazi Rise to Power

Jews in Nazi Germany, 1933-1939

Isolation and Ghettoization

Nazi Camps

The Final Solution

Jewish Resistance

The Individual and the Family

Jewish Life in Nazi Europe, 1939-1945

Righteous Among the Nations

The Local Population

The World and the Holocaust

Holocaust Survivors
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