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Mikhail Turovski

Mikhail Turovski. The Road to Death

The Road to Death
Oil on canvas
91.5x73.5 cm
Gift of the artist

Mikhail Turovski

Mikhail Turovski (Soviet Union, 1933)

Born in Kiev. Encouraged by his older brother, a sculptor, he started painting at an early age.  In 1941, his father was killed in action while serving in the Red Army. He, his mother and brother fled to Samarkand in Uzbekistan. Most of his family was murdered in Babi Yar, and those who survived returned to Kiev in 1945. He studied at the Kiev Art Academy, where he was ridiculed for being Jewish. The communist authorities prohibited him from addressing Jewish and Holocaust subject matters in his art. In 1978, he immigrated to the United States. His works have been displayed in exhibitions in Israel, the Soviet Union and the United States.