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Moshe Roth

Moshe Roth. Joined Figures, 1990

Joined Figures, 1990
Watercolor and ink on paper
34x24.5 cm
Gift of the artist

Moshe Roth

Moshe Roth (France, 1933)

Born in Nancy. In early 1941, the family escaped to the south of France, but his father was caught, deported to Germany and murdered in Buchenwald. Moshe and his brother found refuge in the attic of Mathieu and Jeanne Rey’s farm in Lieoux. In 1943, he was hidden under an assumed identity in a monastery. In June 1944, he was smuggled to Spain with other Jewish children by the Jewish Resistance and a Hehalutz group. In November 1944, he immigrated to the Land of Israel with his two brothers with the Youth Aliyah onboard the ship Guinèe. In 1949, his mother, brother and two sisters immigrated to Israel. In 1951, he enlisted in the IDF. In 1964, he graduated from the Arts Academy in Bat Yam. His works have been exhibited in exhibitions in Israel and internationally. In 1994, Mathieu and Jeanne Rey were recognized by Yad Vashem as Righteous Among the Nations.