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Osias Hofstätter

Osias Hofstätter. The Visionary, 1977

The Visionary, 1977
Ink on paper
50x34.7 cm.
Gift of the Osias Hofstätter Trust

Osias Hofstätter

Osias Hofstätter (Austria-Hungary, 1905 – Israel, 1994)

Born in Bochnia. After a period of wandering, his family moved to Austria. In 1938, following the Anschluss, he was arrested with his family in Vienna. Hofstätter, his brother and his sister managed to flee. In November, he married Anna Shebestova and they settled in Brussels. Following the German occupation, he was arrested and sent to the St. Cyprien and Gurs concentration camps. With the assistance of his brother and sister, who lived in Switzerland, he was released, and took refuge in Idron, on the Swiss border. In August 1942, as he attempted to cross the border into Switzerland, he was apprehended and interned in the detention camps of Aigle, Wald and Birmensdorf. In 1943, he was released through the intervention of the Unitarian Service Committee in Geneva, in order to allow him to study art. In 1946, he returned to Vienna, where he was reunited with his wife.  In 1949, he returned to Poland, where he taught art and worked as a newspaper graphic editor.  In 1957, he immigrated to Israel. His artworks have been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Israel and internationally.