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Leon Engelsberg

Leon Engelsberg. Untitled

Oil on canvas
100.5x74 cm.
Gift of the artist

Leon Engelsberg

Leon Engelsberg (Poland, 1919  - Israel, 1998)

Born in Warsaw. In 1939, his eldest brother was killed during the German bombardments of Warsaw. He escaped with his other brother to Lwow. In 1940, he escaped to the Soviet Union, where he was put to forced labor. His parents and sister remained in the Warsaw Ghetto, where they perished. In 1943, he joined the Polish Army under the command of General Zygmunt Berling, and served in a unit allied with the Red Army as a draughtsman. He was wounded in the battles of 1944-1945, and awarded a citation for his service. From 1946-1950, he studied at the Warsaw Academy of Art and in 1957 he immigrated to Israel, settling in Jerusalem. He was a prominent artist in Israel and his works are in the collection of major Israeli Museums.