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Tamara Deuel-Sternberg

Tamara Deuel-Sternberg. Untitled, 1984-5

Untitled, 1984-5
Gouache, oil crayon and felt-pen on paper
48.4x70.3 cm.
Gift of the artist

Tamara Deuel-Sternberg

Tamara Deuel-Sternberg (Lithuania, c. 1930 – Israel, 2007)

Born in Kaunas to the Deuel family. Following the German occupation in 1941, the family unsuccessfully attempted to flee, and then were deported to the Vilna Ghetto. In 1943, with the ghetto’s liquidation, Tamar and her sister were transported to the Kaiserwald camp, and then on to a succession of labor camps. In 1945, while on a death march, they managed to flee and hid in a Polish town on the Polish-German border. After their liberation there by the Red Army, Tamara went to Romania, whence she immigrated to the Land of Israel with the Youth Aliyah. During the War of Independence she fought in Gush Etzion, was taken as a POW by the Jordanians and released after a month. She was active as a painter, sculptor and poet. Her works have been displayed in exhibitions in Israel.