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Synagogue Schedule and Policies for the High Holiday Services in Brno, Czechoslovakia, 1941

German and Czech versions of the schedule and policies for the High Holy Days in Brno, 1941. They include a request for the worshippers not to gather in front of the synagogue and not to attract undue attention.

English Translation of the Document:

To the synagogue visitors,

We urge you – in view of the seriousness of the times we live in and the heavy responsibility that weighs on each and everyone of us – to maintain a quiet, reserved and dignified conduct wherever you are, but especially in the vicinity of your and other synagogues. We particularly ask you to observe the following:

On your way to the synagogue, do not remain standing in front of it, not even in it’s vicinity or close to the street corner. Avoid the creation of groups. Do not allow your relatives to wait for others. Help us make sure that the faithful leave the synagogue without much ado and that they chose the shortest route away from the building.

We ask you to refrain from anything that could call public attention.

These notes should not be thrown away.
Jewish community of Brno