Marking the New Year

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"Shana Tova" (Happy New Year) card with a portrait of Henia Lubliner, which she sent from Siedlce, Poland to her sister Esther

Henia Lubliner outside her house in Siedlce, prewar
Sima Lubliner outside her house, Siedlce, prewar

Esther Herz was born in Siedlce to parents Yaakov Yehoshua and Sima née Tabakman.  Yaakov was killed in World War I, and Sima got remarried to Nachum-Zeev Lubliner.  Nachum was a trader and he and Sima had five children.  Henia was their first-born daughter, followed by Chaya, Chana, Yehoshua and Avraham. 

In 1934, Esther married Simcha-Bunem Kramash-Knaani, a member of the "Poalei Agudat Israel" in Siedlce.  The same year, they immigrated to Eretz Israel (Mandatory Palestine) and settled in Haifa.  Esther corresponded with her family, and received family photographs and the "Shana Tova" card displayed here. 

In August 1942, Nachum, Sima and their children were deported from Siedlce to the Treblinka extermination camp.