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Until The Last Jew... Until The Last Name

  • Jews being deported from Lodz to Auschwitz in August 1944
  • Local Jews being deported to Auschwitz in April 1944
  • Girls from the home at Saint-Mande who were sent on Transport 77 from France to Auschwitz on July 31,1944
  • Jews being brought to Kosice, Czechoslovakia from surrounding villages on April 17
  • Two children wearing the Jewish badge in the Kovno Ghetto in Feb 1944
  • Children from the children’s home in Izieu, France
  • Deportation of local Jews on wagons from Senec, Czechoslavakia in 1944
  • Jewish female prisoners on their way to forced labor in 1943-1944 in Plaszow
  • Rozel and Kayla Sarah Scheinfeld
  • Dr. Emanuel Ringelbum and his wife Yehudit with their son Uri shortly after his birth
  • Jews who were classified as “not fit for work” waiting in a grove outside Crematoria IV

Rozel and Kayla Sarah Scheinfeld Rozel and Kayla Sarah Scheinfeld

Pictured here are the two daughters of Hananya Scheinfeld.  Written on the back is the following description: “Girls on Paper.” Until recently, Yad Vashem had no more information about the girls - not even their names. The picture was given to Yad Vashem by Hananya’s nephew Joseph Scheinfeld.  Hananya Scheinfeld had passed away, and Joseph did not know the names of the two girls.

Within the last few years, Yad Vashem has digitized millions of Pages of Testimony and developed a sophisticated retrieval system. Pages of Testimony contain basic biographic details of a Holocaust victim and are submitted by family members or friends. As a result of the sophisticated computerized database and retrieval system, it became possible to conduct a search by the name of the submitter of Pages of Testimony. Previously, a search was possible only by name of the victim. Since the names of the girls or their mother was not known, it was not possible to determine if Hananya Scheinfeld had in fact ever submitted a Page of Testimony with the names of his family. With the computerized database, a brief digital search was conducted, and it was discovered that Hananya Scheinfeld had indeed submitted a Page of Testimony in 1956 in memory of his wife and had listed the names of his daughters - Rozel, age 7, and Kayla Sarah, age 6. Both Frida Scheinfeld and her daughters perished in Auschwitz in May 1944. Through the Page of Testimony and modern technology - the family names were redeemed from oblivion.

Pages of Testimony

Page of Testimony submitted by Hananya Scheinfeld for his family

Frida Schonfeld

Frida Schonfeld