"A Time to Heal" (Ecclesiastes 3:3)
The Story of the Children's Home in Otwock, Poland

Yehudit Finkel

Yehudit Finkel (Zik) was born in Warsaw in approximately 1938 to a well-established family. She was incarcerated in the Warsaw Ghetto along with her parents and older brother. Yehudit’s brother was arrested during one of the aktions in the ghetto and was murdered. Yehudit’s father, Moshe-David, as well as her grandmother perished in the ghetto from typhus. Yehudit was smuggled from the ghetto along with her mother Chaya to MÅ‚ociny, where they lived in the attic in the home of a Polish farmer. False documents were obtained for them that provided them with Christian identities, after which they lived openly as members of the family.

After the Polish Uprising in Warsaw in August 1944, all of the residents of the village, including Yehudit and her mother, were exiled to Proszkow. A short time after arriving in Proszkow Yehudit and Chaya were brought to a village near Krakow, where the Soviet Army later liberated them.

After liberation Chaya brought Yehudit to the children’s home in Otwock. Chaya lived in Warsaw where she found employment.

In January 1951 Chaya and Yehudit immigrated to Israel. In Israel, Chaya married Holocaust survivor Menachem Zeliger who she had met in Warsaw. Yehudit later married and started a family. Yehudit has children and grandchildren.

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