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Yad Vashem No Child's Play

Ghettos and Camps

Monopoly Game

Monopoly game, made in the ghetto in 1943
Monopoly game,
made in the ghetto in 1943
Cards for Monopoly game
Cards for Monopoly game

The Monopoly game was made in the graphics workshop in Theresienstadt as part of the ghetto’s underground activity. It was drawn by Oswald Poeck, an artist who was expelled from Prague to Terezin in November 1941 and was later deported to his death in Auschwitz in September 1944.

In addition to entertaining the children, it was intended to provide them with information about ghetto life.

The board displays a drawing of the ghetto. Major ghetto sites are stations in the game: the prison, the barracks, the fort, the warehouse, the kitchen, the expellees’ induction site and others. Those who were deported would often leave belongings with friends who remained in the ghetto. In this way, the Monopoly game was passed on to Pavel and Tomaš Glass in Terezin.

Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection. Gift of Micah Glass, Jerusalem, & Dan Glass, Ramat Gan, Israel