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Yad Vashem My Homeland - Holocaust Survivors in Israel
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Moshe Sanbar (Sandberg)

“We already knew what death was. And in retrospect with regard to this thing we volunteered to come and fight for the establishment of the state. This didn’t happen to us… we instigated it, we chose it.”

Moshe Sanbar (Sandberg)

(Hungary, 1926)

Sanbar was born in Kecskemét. In 1944, he was drafted into the Forced Labor Battalions of the Hungarian army and was later deported to the Dachau and Mühldorf-Waldlager concentration camps. He was liberated in 1945 by the American army. In 1948 he illegally immigrated to the Land of Israel and participated in the War of Independence, during which he was seriously wounded at the battle for Latrun. He studied economics at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and afterwards served in key positions in the economy: Budgeting Director in the Ministry of Finance, Economic Advisor to the Finance Minister, Acting Minister of Trade and Industry and Governor of the Bank of Israel between 1971 – 1976. In private industry he held the chairmanships of Solel Boneh, Zelon, Bank Leumi and Africa-Israel.

Concurrently, he was active on behalf of Holocaust survivors, and served as chairman of the Centre of Organizations of Holocaust Survivors in Israel and chairman of the Board of Directors of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims against Germany.