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Yad Vashem Anonymous No Longer. Names of men, women and children identified in the photographic display in the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem

A group portrait of Jewish children who were hidden in a children's home in the village during the war.
The children and staff were caught by the Gestapo in April 1944 and deported to Auschwitz.
Izieu, France, Summer of 1943

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© Yad Vashem Archives 1408/11

From right to left:
Top row:

First: Max-Marcel Balsam
Third: Barouk-Raoul Bentitou
Fourth: Arnold Hirsch

Second row:
First: Miron Zlatin
Second: Berthe Mering
Third: Marcelle Ajzenberg (Endlich)
Fourth: Theodore (Théo) Reis

Third row:
Third: Claude Levan-Reifman
Fourth: Nina Aronowicz
Fifth: Esther Benassayag
Sixth: Philippe Dehan

Bottom row:
Second: Henri Verdier
Third: Sigmund Springer
Fourth: Georges Halpern
Fifth: Paula Mermelstein
Sixth: Jacques Benguigui