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Yad Vashem Anonymous No Longer. Names of men, women and children identified in the photographic display in the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem

Members of the Hanoar Hatzioni youth movement in Hungary before the Nazi occupation. After the occupation the members joined the Underground and were active in saving Jews. Balaton Boglar, Hungary, December 12, 1943

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© Massuah - Institute for Holocaust Studies, Kibbutz Tel Itzhak, Israel

From right to left:

First: Shmuel-Sándor Löwenheim
Second: Yitzhak Arbel - István Baumhöl “Bukszi”
Third: Yeshayahu-Sándor Rosenblum “Sajo”
Fourth: David-Béla Grünwald “Coca”
Fifth: Edit Keller
Eleventh: Chava Even
Thirteenth: Eliaz-Eli Ben-Yitzhak –
Sándor Kaufman

Fourteenth: Metuka Gross
Fifteenth: Shoshanna Edinger - Kirschner
Sixteenth: Broshi Dov – Tibor Borsodi
Seventeenth: Lili Spitzer

Fourth: Shula Gera
Last: Yitzhak-Ferenc Braun