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Yad Vashem Anonymous No Longer. Names of men, women and children identified in the photographic display in the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem

Former inmates on their wooden bunks, after the liberation of the Buchenwald camp
Germany, April 1945

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From right to left
First bunk:

First - Mel Mermelstein
Third - Perry Shulman

Second bunk:
Third - Naftali Fuerst
Fifth (multiple identification):
Ignacz (Issac) Berkovicz
Abraham Baruch
Paul Argiewicz

Third bunk:
First - Elie Wiesel
Fourth (multiple identification):
Alex Berkowits
Herman Leefsma
Abraham Hipler
Berek Rosencajg
Zoltan Gergely
Fifth (double identification):
Lajos Vartenberg (Yehuda Doron)
Yaakov Marton

Bottom bunk:
First - Max Hamburger
Third (double identification):
Issac Reich
David Schley
Fourth (multiple identification):
Michael Miklos Nikolas Gruener
Gershon Blonder
Yosef Reich

Standing on the right:
Chaim David Halberstam