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Yad Vashem Anonymous No Longer. Names of men, women and children identified in the photographic display in the Holocaust History Museum at Yad Vashem

Young Jews, members of the religious Zionist youth movement “Bnei Akiva", who were active in the underground Jewish rescue effort.
Hungary, 1943

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© Yad Vashem Archives 7893/115

From right to left: 
Top row:
First: Sanyi Spigel (Sándor Spiegel)
Second: Tzvi Asael (Herman Auslaender - Nagy Oszi)
Third: Yitzhak Rosenfeld

Middle row:
First: Menachem Tzvi Kadari (Ernő Schwarcz)
Second: David Asael
(Dezső Auslaender - Kis Oszi)

Bottom row:
First:Uziel Menachem Yacovi (Jakobovic)
Second: Tzvi Seidel (Seidenfeld)