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Yad Vashem "To Live with Honor and to Die with Honor"

Mutual Aid and Welfare During the Holocaust

Despite the predatory reality endured by the Jews of Europe in World War II, many people mobilized to assist those weaker than them, establishing mutual aid and welfare organizations.

Warsaw Ghetto- New arrivals to the ghetto celebrate the Passover seder in a shelter on 6 Leszno St Zelechow, Poland, 1942- Jewish residents of the ghetto in the communal kitchen Gorlice, Poland, 1942- Children from the ghetto supported by a self-aid organization Bucharest, Romania, 1942-44- Children who have received clothes from self-help organizations Bucharest, Romania, 1942-44- People standing in line to receive funds from self-help organizations Lodz, Poland- Food distribution in a public kitchen in the ghetto