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Yad Vashem The Story of the Jewish Community of Plonsk

Help Us Identify Portraits

In the exhibition “Last Portrait: Painting for Posterity”, Yad Vashem continues in its persistent endeavor to restore a face and a name to the victims of the Holocaust and tell their personal story. Despite our efforts, some portraits remain unidentified. If you have information about the persons depicted, please share it with us.

(8 portraits)

Budapest GhettoBudapest Ghetto
(17 portraits)

Gurs CampGurs Camp
(12 portraits)

Kovno GhettoKovno Ghetto
(4 portraits)

(3 portraits)

Stutthof CampStutthof Camp
(2 portraits)

(14 portraits)

Warsaw GhettoWarsaw Ghetto
(3 portraits)

Refugee CampsRefugee Camps
(3 portraits)

Czechoslovakia and KrakówCzechoslovakia and Kraków
(10 portraits)

If you have additional information about the portraits and/or artists that are part of this exhibition,
please contact us.