Nazi dagger taken as a war trophy by Robert Brand

Tzvi Ginzburg, Anders Army

Book of Psalms received by Tzvi Ginzburg during his service in the Ander's Army

Tzvi Ginzburg in his army uniform Tzvi Ginzburg, born in Lodz, Poland, had joined the Polish Army before the outbreak of WWII. When the Polish army disintegrated in the face of the German advance, Ginzburg fled to Lithuania where he met his future wife, Rivka. With the German occupation of Lithuania in 1941, the couple escaped east to the Soviet Union. There Ginzburg joined the Ander's Army – the Polish Armed Forces in the East – and Rivka became involved as a leader for the "Tehran Children". The Ander's Army troops moved west through Tehran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon on their way to join the Allies on the Italian front. When the soldiers arrived in Beirut, they were given leave. Ginzburg took advantage of the opportunity and, together with other Jewish soldiers, deserted the army and came to Eretz Israel. He received this Book of Psalms during his service in the Ander's Army.

Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection
Donated by Leah Ben Yehudah, Givat Elah, Israel