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Yad Vashem To Witness and Proclaim

Immigration to Israel and Public Activities

On the eve of the establishment of the State of Israel, Hermann Helfgott helped recruit fighters for the Hagana from among the Holocaust survivors at Bergen-Belsen. After his immigration to Israel, in 1948, Helfgott enlisted in the IDF. He served as the chief cultural and welfare officer in the Medical Corps, and in 1953 joined a delegation from the Foreign Ministry to Cologne, Germany. There he was appointed chief rabbi of Cologne. As chairman of the “Ahavat Reim” association, Helfgott helped Jewish youth immigrate to Israel and greatly contributed towards improving Israeli-German relations.

After his return to Israel, Helfgott became rabbi of Savion, and continued his work in the fields of education, religion, culture, and Holocaust research and remembrance in Israel and abroad. Among his many activities, Helfgott was one of the founders of the She’erit Hapleita (The Last Remnants) movement, chaired the Yugoslavian Fighters Association in Israel and was a member of the Yad Vashem Council and Directorate.

Mrs. Malka Asaria-Helfgott (née Bodner) donated films on display in the Visual Center at Yad Vashem. In November 2010, Israel's Minister of Education appointed Malka Asaria-Helfgott (née Bodner), to serve as a member of the Yad Vashem Directorate.

IDF officer – Major Rabbi Dr. Helfgott At his marriage to Malka Bodner, 1950 Helfgott at the conference marking the tenth anniversary of the liberation of Bergen-Belsen, 1955 Helfgott with the German Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer at the dedication ceremony of the Cologne Synagogue, Germany, 1959
קצין צהThe rabbi and his wife at a fundraising event for the security of the State of Israel, Bremen, Germany, 1960 Rabbi Helfgott with David Ben-Gurion at the unveiling ceremony of the Holocaust memorial at Netzer Sereni, 1968 The rabbi as Sandek (the “godfather” who holds the baby) at the Brit Mila (circumcision ceremony) of the son of the next generation to Holocaust survivors The rabbi with David Ben-Gurion during a discussion Rabbi Helfgott at an awards ceremony for students at a school in Savion, for their work on the subject of the Holocaust “Ex Libris” stamp used on all the books belonging to the rabbi Rabbi Helfgott at the dedication ceremony of the Forest of Former Yugoslavian Residents Honorary plaque at the exhibition “To Witness and Proclaim” – From The Personal Archive of Rabbi Dr. Zvi Asaria - Hermann Helfgott (z”l). The archive was donated by his wife, Malka Asaria-Helfgott Rabbi Dr. Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) visits wounded soldiers Rabbi Dr. Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) inaugurates a street named in memory of the victims of the Holocaust Rabbi Dr. Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) during a Torah dedication ceremony in Savion; the Torah is from Bergen-Belsen The parchment written for the dedication of the new synagogue in Cologne Rabbi Dr. Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) during a Torah dedication ceremony in the synagogue in Savion Rabbi Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) and Mrs. Malka Asaria-Helfgott nee Bodner at the World Jewish Congress Awards Ceremony in Tel Aviv for the publication of the book “Edim Anahnu” (We Are Witnesses) Rabbi Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) and Mrs. Malka Asaria-Helfgott nee Bodner on Rosh Hashanah in the Cultural Hall of Hanover Rabbi Zvi Asaria Helfgott (z”l) at a gathering of Yugoslavian fighters, survivors of Bergen-Belsen, and distinguished guests, marking the rabbi’s 65th birthday