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Yad Vashem And These are Their Names... Identifying the Death March Victims Buried in a Mass Grave in Poland

Fela Lewkowicz's Shirt from the Salzwedel camp, 1944-1945

Fela Lewkowicz's Shirt

This is the shirt that Fela wore in Salzwedel, a subcamp of Neuengamme concentration camp from November 1944 until her liberation in April 1945.

Her inmate number appears on one sleeve. The other sleeve has been exchanged for a sleeve from a different shirt.

From the testimonies of women who were on the death marches, it is known that sometimes they were ordered to remove one of the sleeves from their clothing and exchange it for a sleeve from someone else's clothing in order to make it easy to distinguish between the prisoners and the local peasants.

Yad Vashem Artifacts Collection, Gift of Joseph Rosenbaum, Howard Beach, NY, USA