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19 km from Auschwitz. The Story of Trzebinia

Trzebinia During the Holocaust


Tefillin Bag Belonging to Shraga Klagsbald

Tefillin bag belonging to Shraga Feivish KlagsbaldTefillin bag belonging to Shraga Feivish Klagsbald
Shraga Feivish Klagsbald, 1940, TrzebiniaShraga Feivish Klagsbald, 1940, Trzebinia

Shraga Feivish Klagsbald was born in Trzebinia in 1924. In 1937, when he turned 13, he studied the laws of Tefillin (Phylacteries) and received the bag as a gift.

A policeman for the Trzebinia Judenrat, Shraga was later held prisoner at the Plaszów concentration camp. He was taken on a death march, reaching the Ebensee forced labor camp in Austria, where he perished. His brother, Hirsch Zvi Klagsbald, was with Shraga when he died of exhaustion.

When Shraga’s cousin was in the Cyprus internment camp, he noticed another detainee holding the bag. The man could not tell him how it came into his possession, but agreed to give it to Shraga’s cousin who, in turn, gave it to Hirsch Zvi Klagsbald.

Hirsch donated the bag to Yad Vashem through Elimelech Gross, Chairman of the Trzebinia Immigrants’ Association, who had studied the laws of Tefillin with Shraga.

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