After years of friendship, work and development in the fields of Hebrew culture and education at the Munkács Hebrew Gymnasium, where we were fellow students, after we completed the first part of our lives as students within the walls of the Hebrew High School, and after we concluded our work there and now stand on the brink of a new life, we have resolved and are determined to strive in all loyalty and conscience to gather together in ten years' time, that is

in 1944, on the eve of Passover 5704 in Jerusalem by the Western Wall

and together we will all take part in the joy of building the free Land of Israel.

Josef Rosynberg, Rachel Ickowics, David Weiss, Chana Schöenfeld and Menachem Kreindller are recognized as trustees by all the members in the mission of realizing and bringing to fruition this supreme goal.

With the publication of this declaration our consciences and Hebrew morals will be tested, and we dedicate our hearts and souls to this aspiration, as signed below:

א. ברנר A. Brener דוד לבוביץ' D. Łebovics
מדי גליק Mädy Glück ד. מ ליפרמן Bernady Liperman
טובה ליפרמן Gizzela Liperman יוסף רוזנברג Josef Rosenberg
רחל איצקוביץ' R. Ickovics צבי מרמלשטיין Hrmin Mermelstein
גרשון יגר Gerson Yägr אריה נימן L. Nemmann
שלמה קרפן S. Karpen דוד וייס D. Weiss
רחל כ"ץ Rachel Katzova מ. יוסף שנפלד Schönfeld Josef
א.צ קלנר Herman Kellner מאיר שנפלד Marton Schönfeld
מנחם קרינדלר Emanuel Kreindler חנה שנפלד Chana Schönfeld
א.קריטשטיין [...?] Kreitstein א. ויזר Weiser Pavel