Bearing Witness: Stories Behind the Artifacts in the Yad Vashem Museum Collection

The Surviving Remnant

For the surviving remnant, six years of war were followed by the long and arduous road towards rehabilitation. There were some who never managed to recover and start life anew. Others, armed with nothing but their indomitable human spirit, succeeded in building a new life out of the ruins.

The artifacts in this section bridge the period between Holocaust and Rebirth, in many cases echoing the birth of the State of Israel.

The Survivor Who Fell During Israel's War for Independence
The Survivor Who Fell During Israel's War for Independence
Camera used by the youth Yisrael Mei-Tal to document his family’s journey on the Ha’apalah ship “Kaf-Tet BeNovember”
Documenting a Historic Journey
A Chess game that Arie Klein from Tiszasuly, Hungary made in 1946 in the British camp where he was detained as a Ma’apil.
The Detention Camp Chess Boards
The Israeli flag raised by Eleazar (Spiegel) Shafrir upon hearing the results of the vote in the UN on the 29th of November approving the creation of the State of Israel
The Flag of Israel raised by Holocaust Survivor Eleazar Shafrir