Bearing Witness: Stories Behind the Artifacts in the Yad Vashem Museum Collection


For those caught in the Nazi web, physical resistance was next to impossible. Coping with the harsh reality therefore often took the form of spiritual resistance. Many artifacts reflect their owners’ will to preserve a semblance of humanity in the face of the Nazi attempt to break their spirit. In spite of the dangers, however, there were those who managed to join the ranks of the partisans and other organizations of armed resistance. Jews in the free world joined the armies of the Allied Forces fighting Nazi Germany, out of a sentiment of shared destiny with their brethren.

Daniel Samuel – Denis Gauthier, in the Service of the Resistance
Daniel Samuel – Denis Gauthier, in the Service of the Resistance
The “Order of the Red Star” awarded to Benjamin Cherny for extraordinary valor in defense of the Soviet Union
Valor at Stalingrad
The Medals and military ribbons received by Joseph Katanov for his service in the Red Army during WWII
A Soviet Jew’s Triumphs in Vienna
The sermon that Livia Koralek delivered on Yom Kippur in Parschnitz Concentration Camp
Triumph of the Spirit
Paul’s military jacket with different medal ribbons, among them the Purple Heart
From New York to the “Siegfried Line”