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The International School for Holocaust Studies

e-Newsletter for Holocaust Educators

"Teaching the Legacy" - The e-newsletter for Holocaust Educators is published online two times a year by the International School for Holocaust Studies. It is intended for teachers and educators, guides and all those interested in Holocaust education. In this e-newsletter we strive to offer new directions for widening the educational discourse on the Holocaust while keeping our readership updated and informed on recent activities and projects.

Current e-Newsletter

Echoes: Hearing the Voices of the Survivors

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With the generous support of: Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany

Previous e-Newsletters

2016 Main Theme
December Echoes:
Hearing the Voices of the Survivors
January Teaching the Holocaust through Literature

2015 Main Theme
November Witnesses and Testimony:
Special Interview Issue
July Liberation and the Return to Life: Marking 70 Years since the End of World War II

2014 Main Theme
December Lodz: A Topography of Life and Death in the Ghetto 70 Years After Its Liquidation
January At the Last Moment: The Tragedy of Hungarian Jewry

2013 Main Theme
July Defiance and Rebellion During the Holocaust – Marking 70 Years since the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
January Photographs: Reflection or Interpretation of Reality?

2012 Main Theme
August Jewish Solidarity - The Individual and the Community
April Poetry and Commemoration
January Art As Commemoration

2011 Main Theme
October The Jews of North Africa
July Saving Children During the Holocaust in France
April Understanding Justice: Fifty Years Since the Eichmann Trial
January The Jews of Ioannina, Albania, and Bulgaria

2010 Main Theme
October It Happened There Too: The Holocaust in Southeastern Europe
July Teaching the Holocaust Through Film
March "Strength, Hope, and Choices": The Family Unit During the Holocaust
January “Each Made a Difference”: Women and Resistance during the Holocaust

2009 Main Theme
November “When Their World Changed”: Teaching about German Jewry between 1933-1939
July "What Was Lost" Jews and Culture in Prewar Europe
March Childhood and Creativity

2008 Main Theme
December Kristallnacht Pogrom - 70 Years
September Spiritual Resistance
May Women in the Holocaust
January January 27th - Special Issue

2007 Main Theme
September The Holocaust in the Courtroom
April "Bearing Witness"
January January 27th - Special Issue

2006 Main Theme
July The Righteous Among the Nations
March Holocaust Poetry
January January 27th - Special Issue

2005 Main Theme
September Teaching the Holocaust through Literature
April The Anguish of Liberation and Return to Life
January "Unto Every Person There is a Name"

2004 Main Theme
August Children in the Holocaust
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