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Gandel Holocaust Studies Program - the Alumni Teaching Network

Welcome! The International School for Holocaust Studies, together with Gandel Philanthropy, is excited to share with you this very useful educational tool. The aim is to share with you educational projects of other Australian teachers who have gone through an intensive year training in Holocaust education. The purpose of this website is to make their projects accessible to the public in order to spread Holocaust education all around Australia.

What is on this website?

  1. All projects have been created in accordance with the Australian Education Curriculum.
  2. The projects cover a wide range of topics that fall under Holocaust education.
  3. All projects are age-appropriate according to the Australian school system.
  4. The projects relate to all fields: English, History, Humanities etc.
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The Holocaust is an extremely complicated topic to teach, owing to the extensive nature and complexity of what occurred in Europe between 1933-1945. The ability for you to find the appropriate project for your students is very important to us. Much pedagogical and methodological thought has gone into the specific topic that can be discussed with a certain age group. All the projects here have been created and developed by trained teachers that invested much time and effort in order to create an age-appropriate project that is suitable for their needs.

It is your responsibility as teachers, who are more familiar with the level and needs of your students, to adapt the specific project to your class. Even if the project that you have chosen is for the same age group, it was originally built with a specific class in mind and each class has its own special needs and level of knowledge.

How to find appropriate projects for your needs?

  1. Search by 'age'-
            There is a drop down menu with the possible school grades to choose from.
  2. Search by 'category'-
            There is a drop down menu with all the possible topics available on the Holocaust.
  3. Search by 'field'-
            There is a drop down menu with all the possible fields of study available.

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